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I LOVE CARS/アイラブカーズ

I LOVE NOSTALGIC CARS/アイラブノスタルジックカーズ


このイラストを描くようになったキッカケは、私が師と仰ぐ、AUTO HAUSレーシングチーム・ステッカーにあった「デイブ・ディールス」が描くVWのシンメトリックなイラストに感銘したからです!


We mainly illustrate cars, especially nostalgic cars, symbolically with symbolic looks of the lovely face of old and new cars inside and outside.


The kikake which came to draw this illustration was impressed with VW's symmetric illustration drawn by "Dave · Diels" which was in AUTO HAUS racing team · sticker, which I look up as a teacher!


It is an eye love nostalgic cars series that draws the car that Mashimaro loves car based on the illustration of that symmetrical car.

Translated by google translation.