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デボネア(Debonair )は、三菱自動車工業(当初は三菱重工業)が1964年から1999年まで製造していた高級乗用車である。1986年の22年間、基本設計・デザインの変更無しに生産され続けたことから、「走るシーラカンス」と呼ばれた。




Debonair is a high-end passenger car manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors (originally Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) from 1964 to 1999. It was called "running coelacanth" because it was produced continuously for 22 years in 1986 without changing the basic design and design.

Styling was designed by former General Motors designer Hans Bretzner and designed an angular body using the American-made large passenger car design motif in the 1960's. Even now its Old American touch appearance is popular, especially the L tail specification of the front door triangular window & rear is expensive and traded.

In case

This deformed Debonair also adopts "triangle window & L tail" which seems to be the best. What a spacious interior, it is a monopoly! ! Driving can be enjoyed relaxedly by a noisy family or a couple. Haha?

I dealt with such a deformed debonaire as a sticker style.

デフォルメカー デボネア


The rotating Debonair is an American wheel and a door mirror specification.




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