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Cherry Bomb


1977年、お茶の間のテレビに、ガーター姿の若い女性が、大股開いて「チュチュチュチュ」って歌っているのを見て、衝撃を受けました!曲名は「Cherry Bomb」THE RUNAWAYSという女性バンドで、日本で人気を博しました。私は、ガーター姿のボーカルのシェリーより長い金髪をなびかせてギターを弾く、リタの方がとてもセクシーに見えました。ポッチャリ体型が好きなのもありましたが。解散後、メンバーのジョーン・ジェットが、ジョーン・ジェット&ハートブレイカーズというバンドとして、MTV全盛の日本で再人気になったのは言うまでもありません。


Nissan Cherry X-1R first met in the event of the motor show at the Nagoya International Exhibition Center around 1973 (memorable is not sure). At that time it was an elementary school student, "I am a remodeled car of cherry running in the city!" It was impossible to hide the excitement. After that, there was no opportunity to see with the naked eye the figure being run, but the impact that existed in front of you is engraved on the mind.

In 1977, I saw a young woman in garter appearing on the TV in the tea room, opening her fork and singing "Tutu Tutu" and was shocked! The name of the song is "Cherry Bomb" THE RUNAWAYS, a female band, popular in Japan. I flatter a long blonde hair than a vocal figure of garter, she plays the guitar, Rita looked very sexy. I also liked the chubby style. It is needless to say that the member Joan Jet became popular again as a band called Joan Jet & Heart Breakers after disbanding in Japan of MTV hype.

In case

Such being such, after 40 years the two were united. "Nissan Cherry and Cherry Bomb"



チェリー・ボム マグカップ

チェリー・ボム タペストリー

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